Ertapenem sodium
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Ertapenem sodium
Ertapenem sodium ertapenem sodium

Chemical name (4R, 5S, 6S) -3-[[(3S, 5S) -5-[(3- carboxy phenyl) amino] carbonyl]-3- pyrrole alkyl thio]-6-[(1R) -1- hydroxy ethyl]-4- methyl -7- oxo -1- azabicyclo [3,2,0] g -2- allyl -2- carboxylic acid sodium salt

The molecular formula C22H24N3NaO7S

The molecular weight of 497.50

The CAS registration number 153832-38-3 (monosodium salt)



GC: in accordance with ICH standard

Color: White (yellow-green or yellow color within No. 5)

Palladium content: 10ppm within