Ten problems affecting the high energy-consuming industries to implement the policy of price regulat
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Ten problems affecting the high energy-consuming industries to implement the policy of price regulation

In recent years, as the blind development of high energy consumption and high pollution industry, inhibition, reduce air pollution, improve energy efficiency, promote the adjustment of economic structure, the national development and Reform Commission with the relevant departments, has issued a series of price regulation and control policy: approved by the State Council, development and reform in 2004 the National Commission and State Electricity Regulatory Commission to implement differential price policy for electrolytic aluminum, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, caustic soda, cement, iron and steel 6 categories of high energy-consuming enterprises. In 2006, added zinc smelting and the yellow phosphorus industry two, differential power prices increase standards in 3 years to gradually improve. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and further improve the differential power prices increase standards, decided from June 1, 2010, will limit the enterprise executive price increases the standard from the current 0.05 yuan to 0.10 yuan, the eliminated class increases from 0.20 yuan to 0.30 yuan. In order to encourage the power companies to install desulphurization facilities and improve the desulfurization equipment operation rate and the desulfurization efficiency, strict control of sulfur dioxide emissions, in 2007 May, the national development and Reform Commission and the former State Environmental Protection Administration jointly issued the "operating coal-fired generating units desulfurization electricity price and desulphurization facilities management approach (trial)", decided to electricity generating units to install desulphurization device of coal-fired power plant, 1.5 cent per kilowatt-hour increase. In order to effectively promote the power generation enterprises "big pressure on the small", to guide the transfer of power to the efficiency of small thermal power unit, the national price zone were established around the hydro-thermal unified online price benchmarking. At the same time, canceled super price.

It should be said, the price control policy, restrictions on high energy-consuming industry rapid development, the elimination of backward production capacity, to encourage power generation enterprises to speed up environmental protection desulfurization, play an important role in promoting economic restructuring and transformation of the mode of economic development. However, from the current situation, the policy has not been fully implemented, in violation of the provisions of national policy issues still exist in large numbers, outstanding performance in the following ten aspects:

One is that some local governments and relevant departments, as well as some power grid enterprises in violation of the provisions of national policy, does not perform, delay or reduce standards difference of high energy-consuming enterprises price policy;

The two is part of the local government and relevant departments beyond the management authority, to the formulation and implementation of high energy consumption enterprises preferential rates; some of them even to the provincial government, or the provincial department in charge of prices in the name of the introduction of preferential tariff policy file;

Three are unauthorized to power users and the electricity generation enterprise direct trade, bilateral trade name becomes relatively high energy-consuming enterprises preferential tariff or industrial park;

The four is part of the local small power or power plant in violation of power supply business rules, to provide preferential price to high energy-consuming enterprises, leading to differential power prices policy cannot carry out, dead angle;

The five is part of the power enterprise desulphurization facilities without approval by the national or provincial environmental protection departments of qualified acceptance and the competent department of price, allowed to advance the implementation of desulphurization tariff policy;

Six is the power generation enterprises enjoy the national desulfurization price policy is not required to run desulfurization equipment, desulfurization device off, don't even run, but still in the running time of the Internet host quantity settlement desulfurization plus price;

Seven is the power grid enterprise refuses to perform or delays in the implementation of the desulfurization electricity, or take less settlement electricity means lowering desulfurization benchmark electricity price, even the ultra vires to power enterprises desulfurization price deduction;

Eight is the policy of electricity grid enterprises in violation of state regulations, depression or disguised down power enterprises electricity price;

Nine is the power grid enterprises in power generation, inter-provincial, inter-regional electricity trading, as well as the name on the preferential tariff, preferential tariff loss, forced down power enterprises electricity price;

Ten is the national decree abolishing super power price, part of the power grid enterprises still on grounds of "super power", below a specified price standard and the electricity generation enterprise accounts, pay less Internet access tariff.

These problems exist, not only seriously undermine the seriousness of national policy, affect the policy effect, but also lead to repeated construction of high energy-consuming industry, blind development. In recent months the industries with high energy consumption, high energy-consuming products accelerated significantly, which is one of the most important reasons. If you do not take timely and decisive measures to resolutely stop, it will seriously hamper the sustained and healthy economic development, to save resources and protect environment has brought great pressure. The national electricity price inspection, strict implementation of high energy consumption enterprises differential power prices policy, resolutely correct place into practicing preferential electrovalence, seriously dealt with the electric power enterprise not the implementation of national pricing, desulfurization price policy behavior, is an important measure to ensure the realization of "eleven five" energy-saving emission reduction targets, is to implement the central decision action deployment, is the embodiment of around the center, serve the overall situation, not only very important and very urgent.