Shanxi will strictly control "two high" and excess capacity on the new project
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Shanxi will strictly control "two high" and excess capacity on the new project

In June 1st, the Shanxi Provincial Commission by letter said, Shanxi will strictly control "two high" and excess industry capacity of new projects, strict project approval management, project approval procedures. Last year, in principle no longer approve approval, filing include coal chemical industry, "two high" and excess industry capacity expansion project.

Since the first quarter, growth in Shanxi "high" industry to increase pressure on energy consumption, energy-saving emission reduction task is very arduous. Therefore, in the rest of this year 7 months, Shanxi province decided to adopt a series of strong measures, from the source to strict control of high energy consumption, high emission industries blind expansion, strict control of new energy consumption and pollutant emissions, unswervingly to curb overcapacity in some industries, a strong push forward the work of energy-saving emission reduction.

-- to further strict high energy consumption, high emission industry access threshold, the new total amount of emissions control. Continue to promote the planning EIA and regional EIA, strictly implement the total control and ecological regionalization, this year will no longer accept and approval of metallurgy, coking, cement, coal chemical industry "two high" and excess industry capacity expansion project environmental impact assessment document and pollutant emission targets for.

Construction projects not implemented -- the total amount of pollutant emission targets, not approve the environmental impact assessment, environmental impact assessment document without the approval of the project shall not be started, and environmental facilities are not built, removal, replacement, out of total commitment of projects not implemented a law shall not be put into trial production, are not completed by acceptance.

-- on illegal construction projects, the relevant departments should be ordered to stop construction, financial institutions shall not loans. For violations of completed projects, should be ordered to stop production, financial institutions shall not grant loans, the relevant departments to stop power and water supply. Price, the electricity sector to use electric index compression "two high" enterprises, resolutely curb the "two high" industry expansion.

In addition, the province will also strengthen the responsibility and accountability. The control of this year's energy-saving emission reduction task decomposition of indicators, before the end of 7 to complete the to cities, each enterprise "eleven five" energy-saving emission reduction target assessment. According to the assessment, the implementation of incentive measures, strict accountability system.