Last year the pollution emissions continue to maintain double-down
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Last year the pollution emissions continue to maintain double-down

In the dawn of the 39th World Environment Day, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the 2009 State of the Environment.
We are pleased to see from the communique, the challenges of the international financial crisis, the pace of China's environmental protection is more firmly, "Eleventh Five-Year" environmental planning and implementation to achieve the progress of the requirements for the first time, part of the target was exceeded, is toward environmental planning objectives steadily forward.
The pollution reduction continue to maintain the "double down"
This year is the "11th Five-Year Plan" last year, the total discharge of major pollutants decreased ability to complete 10% of the binding targets, the focus of attention.
The bulletin shows that in 2009, total COD discharge of 12.775 million tons, a decrease of 3.27% over the previous year; 22.144 million tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, a decrease of 4.60% over the previous year, continued to maintain a double down the momentum.
It was noted that compared with 2005, in 2009 China's chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions total decreased by 9.66% and 13.14%, sulfur dioxide "five" emission reduction targets year ahead of schedule, which is The full completion of the "Eleventh Five-Year" emission reduction targets and lay a solid foundation.
Achievements thanks to strong measures. According to Zhang Lijun, vice minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, last year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection made a total investment of 190.5 billion yuan in 49 projects EIA documents returned to report, will not be approved or suspend the approval decision. The same time to carry out high-polluting industries special law enforcement activities, investigate and deal not approved the first building project of 1824, implementation of the requirements of the project of the "three simultaneous" 3167, and urge the rectification in place.
The strict examination accountability mechanisms also play a role. Problems of regions and enterprises, public briefings, written warning ... these initiatives around the innovative tricks, and strengthen measures, a strong impetus to the further work of the reduction of emission reduction slow the progress of the provinces (regions).
In addition, emission reduction projects, structural reduction and management of the three emission reduction measures is steadily play a benefit. In emission reduction projects, new urban sewage treatment capacity of 13.3 million tons, the new coal desulfurization unit installed capacity of 102 million kilowatts, also newly built a number Wastewater treatment works, iron and steel sintering machine flue gas desulfurization facilities . Structural reduction "big pressure on the small" shutting down small thermal power installed capacity of 26.17 million kilowatts, respectively, out of iron, steel, coke and cement and other backward production capacity of 21.13 million tons, 16.91 million tons, 18.09 million tons and 74.16 million ton, off more than 1,200 enterprises such as paper, chemicals, alcohol, monosodium glutamate and brewing. Management and emission reduction, since 2007, the cumulative arrangement emission reduction "three systems" construction funds 6.06 billion yuan to build the sources of pollution monitoring center 306, nearly 13 000 key enterprises in the implementation of automatic monitoring.
"Multi-pronged approach to protect blue sky
Effectively enable the people to drink clean water, breathe fresh air, lies to leave our future generations ... In recent years, government and environmental protection departments at all levels to take a number of initiatives to achieve leapfrog development in the economic, environmental governance achieved remarkable results.
The bulletin shows that China actively practice the "rivers and lakes recuperate" concept, pollution prevention and control of key river valleys and regions to achieve new breakthroughs. China has established a comprehensive major river valleys provincial boundary section water quality assessment system, an important starting point for key water pollution control. As of the end of 2009, the "Eleventh Five-Year" 2714 pollution control project planning arrangements have been completed 1762; 156 water quality monitoring and assessment section 125, section water quality standards, accounting for 80.1%.
A number the livelihood of prominent environmental issues to be resolved. Last year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Joint nine departments to carry out a special inspection of the heavy metal pollution enterprises, checked 9123 and 2183, investigate and deal with illegal business environment, against the closure of 231 to suspend production for rectification 641. The relevant departments also carried out in 2009 illegal sewage remediation company to protect public health and environmental protection special action, check around the enterprise more than 980,000 times, dealt with more than 10,000 pieces of environmental law cases.
The state of the environment in rural areas of concern in recent years. In 2009, China's "Award for promoting governance" policy driven rural environmental protection work extensively. The central government set up special funds for rural environmental protection, to invest $ 1.5 billion to support more than 2160 villages to carry out integrated environmental management and ecological construction, driven by local investment of 25 billion, directly benefit farmers up to 1300 people. Number of masses are strongly prominent environmental issue is resolved, many villages the village appearance significantly improved.
The communique also shows that the three basic strategies of China's environmental protection engineering - survey of pollution sources, China's environmental macro strategy research and special water are progressing smoothly. First national pollution census has been successfully completed, organize and mobilize a total of more than 570,000 people, to investigate industrial sources, agricultural sources, the source of life and centralized pollution control facilities four categories census of more than 5.92 million, comprehensive grasp of pollution sources basic situation. The environment macro strategic study has been completed the given task, forming a series of important results. "Water Project" entered the implementation stage, all projects and tasks basically completed the project feasibility studies, start 32 projects, 230 topics, accounting for 96.6% of "Eleventh Five-Year" intends to start topics.
Environmental protection is still long road long road "
See the achievements in the communique, we also see the data: In 2009, the Ministry of Environmental Protection received a report and dispose of the environmental emergencies 171, an increase of 26.7% over the previous year. Of pollution incident 80, 61 from air pollution events, solid waste pollution incidents, 16 soil pollution incident.
The frequent occurrence of environmental emergencies, China's environmental protection work, there are still a lot of problems, the environmental situation is still very grim -
Surface water pollution in China is still heavier, the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Pearl River, Songhua River, Huaihe River, Haihe and Liaohe seven major river systems overall light pollution. Lakes (reservoirs) eutrophication problems, overall the water quality of Taihu Lake, Dianchi Lake the Ⅴ sorts, compared with the previous year, no significant change in water quality.
National urban air quality is generally good, but still heavier pollution in some cities; national distribution of acid rain remained stable, but acid rain pollution is still heavier. In 2009, the prefecture-level and above urban ambient air quality standards, compared to just 79.6%.
Rural environmental problems are still prominent, the most prominent of rural life pollution control foundation is weak, non-point source pollution is rising, highlights mining pollution in rural areas, urban pollution, the trend is accelerating to the countryside, the rural ecological degradation has not been effectively curbed ......
In addition, people are more concerned about "five" emission reduction targets in the end success. Zhang Lijun, this year due to resources in China Industrial Products excessive growth of the southwestern region of the serious drought, some emission reduction projects slow progress and some local governments, businesses appeared relaxed mood, gave emission reduction work has brought new pressures and difficulties.
"Especially in the first quarter of this year, from the Ministry of Environmental Protection scheduling situation of the provinces, sulfur dioxide since 2007, the first rise, not fall situation, sulfur dioxide, an increase of 1.2% over the same period last year to our emission reduction sounded the alarm, emission reduction situation is not optimistic, "said Zhang Lijun.
Seize the day, go all out. Lay the the pollution reduction decisive war, to ensure the full completion of the "Eleventh Five-Year" emission reduction targets, still needs the joint efforts of all levels of government, businesses, the public.
In the longer term, China's environmental protection work is still a long way to go. But people have reason to believe that, in the journey exploring environmental protection with Chinese characteristics, the new road, with the attention and efforts of the whole society, with the implementation of a series of strong measures, clear water and blue sky, a bright future of the ecological civilization is not far away.