The XXX General Manager to attend the Group company leadership democratic life
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The XXX General Manager to attend the Group company leadership democratic life

On March 16, the company held a leadership team "Charles thought, investigation results, check style" democratic life, XX Corporation general manager XXX attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

The meeting was presided over by group chairman, party secretary XXX.

In accordance with the XX the Corporation party committee on the convening of the leading bodies "Charles thought, investigation results, check the style of" unified arrangements and requirements of democratic life, Group party one hand, bottom-up extensively solicit the views of the vast majority of workers on the grass-roots units leadership team, and carefully combing, collected a total of 34 leading bodies of the 8 opinions and suggestions and the views of the leadership team members recommended a total of 95, on the other hand between the leadership team members take the initiative on the issue, to carry out a heart-to-heart talks activities, exchange ideas and build consensus ; through the grass-roots level, to participate in the leadership team of the subordinate units of democratic life, face-to-face to listen to the views of the grass-roots team. On this basis, the leadership team members carefully written speech materials of democratic life, and the convening of the democratic life.

At the meeting, XXX on behalf of the company leadership of the Group carried out a systematic review and summarize the ideas, results, style tripartite face Group Company 2009. Financial performance mainly reflected in seven areas: First, effectively enhance the cosmetic, chemical two core business competitiveness in the market. Careful development of the Group strategic development plan for 2009-2014. Financing problems get cracking. Fourth, actively promote the reform and innovation. The fifth is to vigorously strengthen internal management. Steady progress in the Glauber restructuring and strategic development. Seventh, pay close attention to the bodies and cadres, to promote the party building and ideological and political work. Ideas and style aspects: First, adhere to the scientific concept of development as guidance, and promote development. The second is to adhere to the vision and thinking of the dialectical unity of thinking and build consensus. Third, persist in reform and innovation to promote cadres ideological change. The fourth is to adhere to the guidance and education to promote the ideology and work style of cadres to cultivate. Fifth, adhere to the personally led the team to keep diligent and pragmatic, efficient collaboration, honesty and self-discipline style. XXX hematopoietic function, the system is not smooth mechanism is not active, heavy historical burden, the molecule development of the company within the Group imbalance and other outstanding problems and causes were analyzed and the corresponding countermeasures and measures. First, emancipate the mind, make a determined effort to crack the problem of reform and turnaround. The second is the standard first-class reduction and efficiency, and to ensure that the annual operating goals. Third, do a good job with the team, with a good team, to provide organizational guarantee for the development of the scientific enterprise. The company identified in 2010 sales revenue of 31 billion yuan, "the goal. Subsequently, Wang Yuexuan group companies other leadership team members were also combined in 2009 in charge of their own work, ideas, results, style deep analysis and self-criticism, and find out the problem, appropriate corrective measures . 6 primary representatives of the employees attending the meeting also proposed objective and sincere comments and suggestions.

Listened carefully to the speeches, of XXX, general manager of the achievements made by the Group company leadership to deal with the financial crisis and each member of the combination of self-criticism of the "three examinations" gave full affirmation he combined shipped XX, XX Chemical 2010 by the grim situation facing a problem to the leadership team members, that is, "Do you think that the main problems of the company? rectification how?" each leadership team members have carried out a careful and detailed answer. Answer process, XX and from time to time to communicate. Finally, XXX published an important speech, the Group company leaders put forward a four-point demands. First, we must cherish the glorious past, the lessons learned into future accelerate the development of power shine brightly. He said that our business rely on continuous reform has created many brilliant, to be proud of, but we can not revel in the past, we should conscientiously sum up to reflect on the existing problems, sum up experience and lessons learned, to provide a reference for the future to accelerate the development. Second, to address the serious problem of existing. He pointed out that last year's financial crisis, exposing the enterprise reform and development, and on the leading bodies ideological style, leadership team members must recognize the seriousness of the awakening, not paralysis, to restrict the current enterprise development careful analysis, to form a consensus to develop measures. The third is to strengthen the development of confidence, determined to create new brilliance. He asked that the leadership team have confidence, to see the advantages of the development of enterprises. He said that we have two main businesses have been brilliant, and resource-based enterprises, another listed company's platform-loving plants such as the home of the workforce, which is a private enterprise can not be compared. He stressed that in recent years the development of central enterprises fast is caused by the reform, we must emancipate our minds, reform and innovation, to a correct understanding of reform, stability, and development of the relationship, to eyes inward, strengthen management, and the standard class. Management should be the standard, not up to standard is necessary to take action. At the same time, to strengthen the implementation of the responsibility. The party and government work group to form a strong, landing, do a good job in maintaining stability on the basis of strategic planning. The fourth is to strengthen the building of leading bodies, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the leadership team. He asked the members of the team each person must take responsibility, to have a spirit of hard work, the courage to dare to grasp control improper nice guy; should adhere to democratic centralism, collective discussion of major issues, to find the cause of the problem, the right remedy, formulate measures to unify their thinking responsibility to the people; leading cadres should be honest and clean, make a good example to the workers; to strengthen unity, solidarity and combat strength, unity health, unity and effectiveness. Finally, XXX says: "I transport and confidence in the XX full of hope, you will be able to create new brilliance."

    The meeting concluded XXX on behalf of the Group company leadership position, must take the work seriously implement, does not live up to the expectations of the leadership and trust of the XX Corporation.