XXXX 15 tons of sodium sulphate project successful production
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XXXX 15 tons of sodium sulphate project successful production

March 27, 15 million tons of XX XXXX Company powder engineering production line Nissan to achieve the desired objectives. This marks the XXXX lasted a year and a half of the 15 million tons of XX powder works successfully production also marks the XXXX company has since opened a landmark one, standing on a new round of higher, faster development of new starting point.

In recent years, with the growing competition in the market, has been the scale of production and production dominated the same industry leading position XXXX by the severe challenges. Institutional mechanisms, management, production costs, product range and many other issues restricting the development of enterprises, leading to the production and operation to become stagnant. To make a decisive choice in trying to explore and multi-party research, under the correct guidance and support of the group of companies, XXXX, XX powder to create one of the most competitive production base: to build a set of design capacity of 150,000 tons XX powder production line, boiler converted to energy-saving 75 tons of circulating fluidized bed boiler, a complete end to the situation of the past four production plants geographical dispersion, inconvenience and waste of resources, form a production plant, from extensive to intensive, resource consumption to resource-saving and environment-friendly development changes.

In April 2008, XX powder renovation project started. During the global financial crisis was affecting the progress of the new construction, but XX powder adhere to the the technological transformation unwavering. September 2009, with the branch last a decentralized plant the overall relocation is completed, 15 million tons of XX powder new construction declaration completed and put into trial operation. After nearly a month of trial operation, the capacity of the new project does not match, can not be a continuous operation, production was less than the design requirements, equipment vibration, noise, the standard pollution and other problems await, which also led to the workers' emotional instability, enthusiasm for work down ......

The follow-up to improve the transformation of the new construction work has become the most important task of the production and operation!

Ordered in times of branch manager XXX after the arrival, the first thing is to give all people of the XX powder caused an open letter in good faith to a workers comments or suggestions, and determination and all the workers and curb and seek common development. Pragmatic open letter, such as Dead Poets Society warm the hearts of the vast majority of workers. The same time, he resolutely set up a follow-up to the new construction engineered project team, personally served as project team leader, made a solemn commitment to all workers: "dedication to work, work diligently, and do not care about the personal honor gains and losses, single-minded shelf fulfill the mission ......" the root cause of the collective with the branch team members to discuss research and in-depth production of front-line field office, looking for problems.

We must first solve the environmental problems. The rumbling sound vibrations on the site, raspy exhaust sound and dust pollution, float in the air made him deeply aware of the environmental pollution without delay! XXX led rectification project team members rushed to the scene to find a focal sound source and dust pollution sources, and held a special management meeting, analyze the causes and to develop the first major measures of governance and environmental protection, construction ash silo, slag library. Project team members carry out their duties and the hard work of cadres and workers worked day and night by three sump pumps, an air compressor, a 250m3 gray tank more than 200 meters of ash conveying pipeline consisting of two sets of fully enclosed coal, ash, slag conveyor system quickly established the elimination of coal ash, cinder flying in the sky, falling on the floor of the phenomenon; At the same time, more than 2,000 square meters of coal field coal shed up quickly; the boiler seven meters platform, generator room, induced draft fan blower room built to isolate the noise silencer wall; boiler shop, fine nitrate plant, steam exhaust pipe to eliminate grinder dust, noise, produced dust silencer housing; additional silencer; adjust the fan impeller balancing, digging the the set damping ditch a variety of ways to eliminate the focal ...... just a few months time, the production site has undergone a leap qualitative change: the old land of coal dust, the dust is gone, the sound of powerful vibration, high-decibel noise disappeared ... ...

Environmental issues are resolved, melt subsequent renovation project in full swing. Due to the melt of the original production process with the new operation of the project do not match, can not meet the demand for normal production, the production can not meet the design objectives. Full feasibility studies of the project team, First, expand the increased capacity of the material platform, reuse the 4th of nitrate pot, change from single attunement nitrate to double enchant nitrate; new way circulation pipeline; third is to increase the recycling pump and pipelines. After the transformation, the maximum to meet the production requirements, product yield in leaps and bounds.

Success of the project of 15 million tons of XX powder production, to create the most competitive XX solid powder production base has laid a solid foundation for the group, will also Group Company 2010 standard-class, cost reduction and efficiency enhancing and energy, by leaps and bounds development make a positive contribution.