The April late XXX Chairman dialogue with employees online
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The April late XXX Chairman dialogue with employees online

The Group company unions May rationalization proposals Month Group chairman XXX decided late April when workers face-to-face exchanges on the Internet, listen to the workers the most sincere aspiration to solve the workers are most concerned about, played rationalization proposals MonthThe first song.

2010 is a group of companies in the first year of the implementation of the strategic development, scientific development is a new leap in the year, to give full play to the cadres and employees to participate in the enthusiasm and creativity of the production, operation, management, improve enterprise management level, rationalization proposals activities more extensive, in-depth and pragmatic, the company union May for rationalization proposals month, and issued a "notice rationalization proposals month activities on.

The notice clearly rationalization proposal to carry out, "small change new gizmo, transformation, design, tips" five small activities as the carrier, to promote enterprise reform and innovation, adjust the structure of chemical price increases around the Group production business objectives, day of incremental expansion of the core objectives of the market, and enhance the vitality of enterprises, enhance technological progress, improve profitability, closely around the production, management, security, and efficiency in the difficulties and weaknesses in organization and implementation.

In addition to the traditional fill rationalization proposals sheet, this year's rationalization proposals and increased opened Email ( and face to face with the chairman of online easier and more scientific form of activity. Group company unions will organize experts proposed rationalization of the collection of direct or indirect economic benefits of selected outstanding rationalization proposals be awarded.