Group Corporation organized the training course of each unit managers, department heads
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Group Corporation organized the training course of each unit managers, department heads

In April, the recovery of all things beautiful spring, pregnant with infinite hope. 16, 51 units from group companies managers and department heads converge at XX College, attend the two-day Group each unit managers, department heads training courses. Group Company decades the highest specifications, the heaviest weight training aimed Unit leaders through training, to improve the ability of dealing with complicated situations, to cope with various difficulties and challenges, more healthy body and mind, strong energy, outstanding talent into the targets of a new leap in the development of the scientific enterprise.

The meeting was chaired by the XXX, XX transported Deputy General Manager, presided over.

XXX, group chairman, party secretary, made a mobilization speech at the opening ceremony. XXX combined with the first quarter of the production and operation of enterprises are facing the grim situation, Problems and support rapid development of enterprises favorable factors were analyzed. He asked each unit managers and department heads, as the implementation of the policy of the Group's corporate strategy, a golden opportunity to seize this study and for in-depth thinking on the future development of the respective units and group companies, both objective and calm to face the reality, but also to strengthen their confidence to meet the challenges, efforts to improve the ability of managing the overall work and coping with risks, overcome difficulties and meet the challenges and take up the scientific development of enterprises and the responsibility to lead the majority of the workers to live a rich, happy life.

XXX combining training, raised the hopes and demands of a three-pronged. First, a clear understanding of the situation, making a turnaround firm, to achieve a new leap in the concept of scientific development and confidence. XXX said that the face of the grim situation, the leading bodies at all levels, especially all of the unit "top leaders" have a very sober-minded, have a strong sense of urgency and a sense of crisis. XXX, production and operation is facing great difficulties, but we still have many advantages and favorable conditions, mainly in the following aspects: First, the Corporation XX correct leadership and strong support. This year and even in the future, led by XX Corporation will hold a position of great responsibility of enterprises, employees, support XX shipped XX Chemical quickly out of the woods as soon as possible to achieve scientific development of a new leap forward. Group company leadership with a clear understanding of the operation of the business situation, the correct summary of historical experience, to achieve a new leap in scientific development firm confidence, decided we've got the correct development of ideas. Third, some of the key projects of the chemical system effective, some contradictions and problems in production in the second quarter after basically resolved. Jackie Chan's endorsement "XX" advertising effect will enlarge, guide and pulling effect on the market will give full play. So we have a clear understanding of the current difficulties, but also confidence in the future development of enterprises. Further clarity itself the mission and responsibilities, seize the opportunity and enthusiastic. XXX Group Company Although there are many advantages and favorable conditions for rapid turnaround, but to grasp, make good use of and play these favorable conditions, the hope into reality, the most important is our leading bodies at all levels should earnestly perform good their duties for enterprise development to contribute their wisdom and strength. Each unit, each department's "number one" in the group of companies backbone of the status and key links, that Group company objectives and tasks to undertake by each unit, to lead by various departments to complete the objectives and tasks, the unit, the department of health development Group companies as soon as possible whether the turnaround, rapid scientific development of a new leap in the decisive force. Position held by middle-level cadres and their status, particularly important responsibility we shoulder cadres at all levels must take up the lead the staff to achieve the historical mission of a new round of scientific development, we must assume lead the staff to live a prosperous life real responsibility. Third, to enhance the learning ability, the ability to work and leadership building to adapt to the new leap forward to achieve scientific development. XXX, learning is not only an attitude, it is an ability. A successful business requires a learning team. Competition in the development of enterprises, the first leader in the quality of the competition, the leader must be a competent pilot of workers to learn, do not study harder and harder to any new learning difficult, "two eyes opened, so busy lights out" has far with not on the pace with the times. Allow yourself to become versatile talents, there should be a variety of skills and professional, it is necessary to understand the operation, but also understand the financial management and legal. Is necessary to become a man of action, but also to become an artist, has the ability to lead crack. Arouse people's enthusiasm and creativity, is a profound art, to become artists with superb operation and management of the arts. Only continue to "recharge", can often "discharge"; and only constantly "water", to never give up; only enhance learning, in order to broaden their horizons, clarify ideas, in order to enhance the predictability, forward-looking, strategic thinking, to long-term development of enterprises, the major issues to make the right decisions; enhance learning, only to see the gaps and weaknesses in order to better the standard class.

The training period of three days, the content of the training related to the art of leadership and management capacity, financial discipline and financial knowledge as well as physical health knowledge.