Organized by the Group company information management knowledge seminars
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Organized by the Group company information management knowledge seminars

April 6, in the auditorium of the Group company headquarters office Beijing XX assistant president XXX a theme for the information age core competitiveness of enterprises culture "information management knowledge seminars, group vice division level and above cadres management, highway into enterprise information management. Lecture, he explain in simple terms, illustrated multimedia presentation, so that the senior management of the Group companies have a more in-depth understanding of the use of enterprise information management knowledge, the group of companies will also promote the level of information management has been further enhanced.

Lecture meeting, XXX has spent more than three hours of time to explain what information is the what and how to do a good job of construction of enterprise information, enterprise information, and information management advantages a live demonstration.

After the lecture, chaired the lecture XX transport and deputy general manager of XXX on the purpose and significance of the seminar. He pointed out: Group company information construction started, but the degree of application is not enough, Group leaders are extremely seriously hope that through cooperation and XX, the information management of the Group to build further forward. He hoped that everyone listened to lectures, the lecture as an opportunity to learn good information management knowledge, the use of good information management platform, the Group construction company information to a new higher level.

Assistant President of Beijing XX, training and education, general manager of Mr. XXX, has been engaged in ERP consulting and promotion. Has presided over the Hisense shares, Haida, Oriental Group, dozens of manufacturers of information technology planning and pre-sales consulting, has decades of experience in ERP applications. The same time as one of the promoters of the popular ERP, he was so far from 97 to hundreds of companies, XX more than one thousand employees and industry executives in management training courses. During transport, XXX wrote on his Sina blog: "XX of the heritage of the city, XX of corporate heritage, left me a deep impression!