The XXX General Manager depth inspec
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The XXX General Manager depth inspect raw materials branch research

March 16, XX Corporation general manager XXX and XXX Human Resources Minister and his party arrived at Barry Salt Lake Group company in depth raw materials branch shovel the nitrate front-line inspection of research work.

16, 2009 at 2:30 pm, Barry Salt Lake filled with deep spring, the sky was clear, clear blue skies. The XXX General Manager and his party to participate in the democratic life of Group company leadership gap, accompanied by relevant leaders of the Group company leaders the XXX and raw materials branch, happily came to raw materials Branch denitrification front-line shovel, shovel nitrate ongoing The work carried out inspections research.

XXX and his party first came to the raw materials branch section of the Northwest nitrate pool. X always wear boots, into slippery muddy nitrate pool, next to the conveyor belt in the rumble, he bent won a handful of the translucent crystal water nitrate, look carefully, and asked in detail about the shovel nitric Production and the nitrate field drains and migrant workers. When you see the shovel nitrate migrant workers are in full swing to Labor, his passion from the hands of the workers grabbed a shovel and began to shovel while he the water nitrate a spade a spade shovel to the belt conveyor, and she and accompanied by relevant leaders AC with shovel nitrate in recent years, the organization of the migrant workers. They then went to seven section. When to see Jie Bai Jingliang water nitrate after the joint operation of the belt conveyor, closing machine nitrate and frame shift machine, pipeline shovel nitrate fields, X total of Salt Lake in recent years, the implementation of mechanized shovel technological renovation of nitrate had a strong interest. When hear Salt Lake shovel nitrate production process by artificially leveled vehicle development has now been fully realized mechanization of Yuncheng Salt Lake shovel shovel nitrate denitrification process in recent years implemented a series of technological innovation gave a high evaluation. The X also asked the water nitrate production this year, when he heard has been the production of water nitrate 1.3 million tons, while he said happily, "This year is a good year", while the assistant branch manager of raw materials, seven workers paragraph long XX cordially shook hands and said: "thank you for your hard work, you have worked hard on behalf of me to say hello to the trade union comrades!" XX X hand to hang on, and the presence of workers who kept saying excitedly "Thank you."