XX toothpaste "XX" salt toothpaste b
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XX toothpaste "XX" salt toothpaste brilliance listed

In "XXX", "XX" two major brands of toothpaste products dedicated to improvement, upgrading, sales increased steadily, April 6, XXXX toothpaste company based on market demand, but also the grand launch of "XX" salt toothpaste, and rolled off the production line.

February this year, successfully developed the "XX" salt toothpaste, highlights four major selling points: The first is the more prominent and professional products "salt", clearly marked "XX Group specializes in salt toothpaste, make our products more authoritative. Is natural mineral salts of the Dead Sea, Yuncheng Salt Lake, deep clean the mouth, white teeth, the choice of materials, and add high texture silicon abrasives help remove teeth stains and white, clean particles, translucent and bright teeth beautiful stunning. Is a unique natural mineral salts and mint essence compatibility, cool and comfortable, so that consumers as if into nature's fresh, relaxed and happy. Fourth, the product packaging is used in all high-end laser packaging, higher product quality.

It is reported, company of XX toothpaste is at full capacity "XX" salt toothpaste, will be listed in the end of April.